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Our Mission

The Walking Towards Employability project is financed by the European Union through the Erasmus + KA2 program. It was born from the need to identify sustainable and easily transferable models of youth entrepreneurship capable of responding to socio-professional inclusion, especially in situations of vulnerability. The project aims to lift up non-touristy, often underpriviliged communities/ neighbourhoods by the creation of a responsible, community-based walking tour business. An innovative, learning-by-doing course is designed by the project partners that allows a group of youth to acquire central business skills and to design a walking tour helped by mentors.


Our Vision

The project is designing and testing an innovative skills path for young people based on the walking tour model. Through this, our vision is to contribute to the social vocational integration of young people through Responsible Tourism. Also, to further contribute to the upliftment of underprivileged communities and/or neighbourhoods by celebrating their cultural assets and history through Community Based Tourism. Our ultimate goal is to promote sustainable tourism as a sector that combines youth employability and promotion of community culture and contribute to policy recommendations.

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Youth Workers
Youth Facing Difficulties


D'Antilles&D' Ailleurs,

Based in Martinique (French West-Indies), D'Antilles et D'Ailleurs is a non-governmental organization created in 2016. We work for training and active and democratic participation, especially for women and young people with fewer opportunities, through three areas of activity: Youth and Mobility, Women, Youth and Cooperation, Citizen Lab. The association develops and participates in projects promoting gender diversity, equality, inclusion and the fight against discrimination. The DA&DA team mobilises their wide knowledge and international experiences for the community individuals who are in need of information and opportunities regarding mobility, financing and training.


Founded in 1997, GROUPE ONE ASBL is an association for business creation based in Belgium. Groupe One offers an approach based on active pedagogy through interactive role plays, change management methods such as neuro-management as well as collective intelligence techniques. Target audiences are primarily: entrepreneurs (managers, young people in schools and their teachers, jobseekers, people in professional reconversion, potential entrepreneurs).
Groupe One offers to all project holders a professional and free support service to guide them in the realization of their business plan and their search for financing in a sustainable development approach.

Karpos, greece

Karpos develops local and European projects encouraging expression and the exchange of views and creative ideas through the use of media. We strongly believe that, in a society where images surround us, these tools can empower both young and adult citizens to participate in social transactions and bring forward their own alternative voices. We specialise in how media, image and sound can develop narratives and how they can be introduced in educational environments.

Tamat, Italy

Founded in 1995, Tamat is a a non-governmental organization recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI) and the Italian Cooperation Agency (AICS), and works within a wide range of sectors: Agriculture, Environment, Tourism and Promotion of Small Businesses.We believe in people and in strengthening personal skills, for the improvement of everyone 's living conditions. Tamat supports local organizations, making sure that every person in every place can live on their own resources and skills. We cooperate in Africa, Latin America and the Balkans. We work in Italy with local associations, civil society, institutions and universities on issues and challenges related to development and processes of global interdependence . We are for a fairer world.

Italian Association for Responsible Tourism

AITR is a non-governmental and non-profit association and it has been active for over twenty years: it is now the oldest active association for Responsible Tourism in Europe.
Since May 15, 1998 AITR is inspired by ethical and democratic principles and promotes and coordinates activities that support a tourism that is responsible, sustainable and ethical.
It aims to raise awareness among citizens, promote lifestyles and a consumerism that is fair to all involved.
AITR co-operates with international and national organizations that deal with sustainable development (such as ASVIS, OITS, EARTH).

Unlocking The Entrepreneurial Skills of vulnerable communities