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The Walking Towards Employability project is financed by the European Union through the Erasmus + KA2 program. It was born from the need to identify sustainable and easily transferable models of youth entrepreneurship capable of responding to socio-professional inclusion, especially in situations of vulnerability. The project aims to lift up non-touristy, often underpriviliged communities/neighbourhoods by the creation of a responsible, community-based walking tour business. An innovative, learning-by-doing course is designed by the project partners that allows a group of youth to acquire central business skills and to design a walking tour helped by mentors.


Contribute to the social professional inclusion of youth through Responsible Tourism


Contribute to the valorization of underprivileged communities and/or neighborhoods in by celebrating their cultural assets and history through Community-based Tourism

Responsible Tourism

Promote responsible and sustainable tourism as sectors combining youth employability and communities’ culture promotion and contribute to policies recommendations

Walking Towards Employability

Unlocking the entrepreneurial skills of vulnerable communities through Walking Tours

Partners involved

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During the project, 4 responsable walking tours were created in 4 European towns: Athens, Fort-de-France, Brussels and Perugia.


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Course Modules

Learn how to construct a community-based walking tour


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Youth Testimonials

“The Walking Towards Employment course has allowed me to approach the concept of responsible tourism and its link with the SDGs. In addition, through the different classes I have been able to appreciate other forms of tourism beyond mass tourism. I have been able to revalue the territory, from its traditions or small curiosities that during the everyday life you do not give importance but can be a great tourist attraction. I have also been able to see the importance of creating networks and involving all the people of the territory to create a unique experience of responsible tourism. 

In addition, the teachers and classmates have been very attentive and easy to learn with them. In short, with this course I have the tools and knowledge to be able to create a responsible tour in my territory, which can be simple or complex. The tools obtained with this course have given me the basis to be able to plan a future activity of responsible tourism."
Sara Albiñana Castelló
“The course "Walking towards employment" has allowed me to approach my territory in a different and unique way. This is because it has taught me to think about other ways of doing and appreciating tourism. 

In other words, it has helped me to see that my territory is attractive because of its own characteristics, and this is what differentiates it from other territories. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of the characteristics and culture of each region and imagine diversified forms of tourism with identity.”
Tauna Do Carmo
"This training was very enriching for me. I met young people with various and active projects. I integrated new IT and journalistic skills. I was able to deepen my knowledge with certain partners and associations, to highlight a little highlighted neighborhood and to meet their inhabitants, to learn more about them, their origins and their history. 

Special mention for Meri who knew how to animate the sessions and pass on her know-how in tourism." "
Ayat Mansour
Aude Bernard Charlotte

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